• AD France - Septembre 2010

AD France Supplement - September 2010

"...Years of collaboration spent at the side of a great American architect allowed her to discover art as an inspiration for design and the pleasures of working with the best artisans in the world, particularly in Europe. Moving to Belgium she decided to support them and launched a woven collection. Her character is a marriage of artistic tradition and ethnic sophistication. Crusading for the safeguard of artisans and their exceptional know-how, she brings them her sense of colour and material. Her weaves, exclusively handcrafted, mix linen, silk, wool, leather, Lurex threads or paper ribbons. Pierre Yovanovitch places her first order soon after they meet. Her network though is already well developed for she mentions custom orders for …"
(Magazine photograph by Anne Charlotte Wouters & text by Aude De La Compté)