We are not represented in any local showrooms as we prefer to work with you directly. Please to contact us with questions, requests or to schedule a meeting.
We speak English, French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese

by email anytime

by telephone, Monday to Friday

Elizabeth in London (for all UK, US & INT'L Sales Inquiries) +44 78 5026 7926
Opening hours
8:00-17:00 London time
6:00 am-3:00 pm US Eastern Standard time

Nathalie in France (for EU Sales inquiries and Accounting) +33 9 67 30 68 08
Toyine (for Custom Inquiries, Press & PR) +33 6 70 08 42 01
Opening hours 9:00-18:00 Paris time
6:00 am-3:00 pm US Eastern Standard time

by mail to the textile atelier in France
(please confirm what address to use, if what you are sending is intended for Toyine Sellers specifically)

1 Rue Jean Charcot
26100 Romans-sur-Isère

(please note deliveries should be made to 3 Rue Jean Charcot)