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Textile Photographs by Anne Charlotte Wouters, Elizabeth Murphy & Toyine Sellers
Rug Photographs by Lars Dahlstrom & Toyine Sellers
Other Photographic Contributions by Ivan Sellers, Eric Maton & Philippe Polet


Thank you to my friend Robert Lalleman at the Auberge de Noves for providing me with a home away from home while in Provence the Auberge de Noves


Special thanks to:
Peter Marino & Charles Schambourg, who gave me the idea
My mother & siblings, Thomas and many friends, especially Bertrand and Saskia, who gave me the ability & encouragement
The weavers (Mme Sophirat & M Di, Maria, Anne and Eric) who gave me the know how
The team at the ateliers, who give me peace of mind (most of the time)