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Our Textiles & Their Care

Our Textiles are woven to order on traditional mechanical looms, in our atelier in France. They can be produced in upholstery or curtain weight, and with or without metallic yarns, per your instructions. Certain references can include fantasy yarns, which are more fragile in nature than standard upholstery yarns, but give a distinctive look. You should also be aware that natural fibers and leathers are subject to variations in colour and texture. These variations or slight imperfections are an intrinsic part of our work. We do recommend knit backing for certain applications and that special care be taken when cutting.

Fabric Care

Due to the variety of different types of yarns used in any one of our fabrics, we recommend contacting a professional cleaning service in case of stains. We can supply you with a fabric sample upon which to test commercially available cleaning products. Applying any product to the fabric prior to testing can damage the fabric
Fabrics should always be kept out of direct sunlight

Woven Leather Care

We weave with full grain aniline or semi-aniline chrome free leathers, where upon occasion the more delicate suede side of the leather is exposed, depending on the design.
We recommend that the leather be wiped weekly with a dry cloth to remove dust, as the pores are still open. Should dirt/dust accumulate, we recommend gently vacuuming the surface without rubbing. Should the leather become stained or dry, please contact us for a leather sample upon which once can test commercially available leather cleaning or conditioning products. Applying any product to the woven leather prior to testing, may damage and/or mark the surface.
Leather should always be kept out of direct sunlight, though our aniline leathers have a light fastness of 3 and our semi-aniline leathers have a light fastness of 6.