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Textile Atelier - France

Toyine Sellers' textile atelier is located just south of Lyon, France. There in 2010 she gave new life to an atelier with over 30 years of weaving experience. Now a new generation of weavers are in charge, having been trained by expert weavers, as we strive to keep the know how alive. One of our experts held the illustrious title of “meilleur ouvrier de France” and another was head of production at Le Manach for many years. Daily, the skilled team works, creates, improvises and breaks new ground to create unique woven materials of all kinds, on traditional mechanical looms. The average weaving speed is only a few meters per hour, depending on the complexity of the weave and variety of materials involved. Toyine’s focus is on beauty and quality, each piece is a work of art, reflecting her love for texture, colour and sparkle.