Petit Bouts

All of these experiments, custom and standard collection pieces, our Petit Bouts, have until now been in our archives, and we have decided to make them available to our clients and friends. These one of a kind vintage collection pieces, in varying sizes and lengths, from our standard and custom collections, are now available for purchase.

Not only is this an opportunity for you to purchase our textiles in small quantities and with no minimum requirements, but it is also another step towards us operating as a zero-waste company, which we implemented in 2019. We regularly search for solutions to use our leftover yarns, leathers and packaging from the year’s production, often developing unique products in collaboration with other artisans which we hope to present to you soon

As an atelier specialising in weaving textiles for interiors on traditional looms, we are in constant evolution, testing new yarns, playing with original colour combinations and creating enchanting new weaves.